Georges Pilali respectfully and artistically re-makes and re-invents Jimi Hendrix's "Red House Blues". Collaborating with painter Iliana Noea, mezzo soprano Androniki Skoula of "Chaostar" and director-animator Theodoras Vogiatzidis, he delivers a sinister animated world of operatic darkness, homage to the musical genious of Jimi Hendrix.

Best Video Art-Odysseus Awards 2014-7th Annual London Greek Film Festival.

Jimi Hendrix Red House blues dramatisation by Georges Pilali
Androniki Skoula-Mezzo Soprano
Paritsis Charalampos-Violins
George Bandoek Apostolakis-Guitar, Synthesizers, Treatments
Soli Barki-Percussions
Yiannis Arvanitakis-Trombone
Iliana Noea-Drawings
Theodore Vogiatzidis-Animation, Editing, Video production
Recorded at Studio Mythos, Sierra Studios and "Roomey tunes"
Sound Engineers:Sakis Gikas, Akis Pashalidis and Yiannis Fotis.
Mixed at "Roomey Tunes" by Yiannis Fotis.


An action/crime/thriller/comedy taking place somewhere between the 70's and the 80's. Col O' Bara (Stelios Karamanolis as Al J Heimer as Col O' Bara) is a cop that doesn't hesitate to play out of the rules and he tends to do that a lot. With his sidekick, played by Nico Pipico (Nick Diamantidis), he confronts the "crem de la crem" of the criminal underworld while making a mess out of everything with their unorthodox ways and their incompetence...

Written by Theodoras Vogiatzidis and Stelios Karamanolis. Directed and edited by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring Stelios Karamanolis as Al J. Heimer as Col O' Bara, Nick Diamantides as Nico Pipico, Jim Tsiamis as "Chief", Dimo Balo, Theodoras Vogiatzidis, Georgia Karidi, Stavros Karizonis, Tasos Kasapis, Pavlos Tsakonas, Dionisis Kavalieratos, Sifis Lykakis, George Tourlas, Pete Kastrinos, Dimitris Protopappas, Eva Mitala, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Lampis Milaios and Zoi Nikolaou as Mikaela.

Music composed performed and mastered by John Andriomenos in the island of Syros.
Saxophone by "Crazy" George Roussos.
Assistant director of photography: Lampis Milaios.




Could be punishment from above or just blasphemic cruelty. The Supreme Beeing arrives on earth unleashing it's wrath with megatons of killer head-exploding methane catapulted out of his ass. The apocalypse scenario has never been filthier. Written and directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring the "Greek Jean Claude Van Damme" Mits Hristias.



He is not a boa, he is not a rattle snake. He is  "The ninja with the underwear". The first ninja that practises the art of farting. Only  teaser available. We present exclusively on Theodoras Vogiatzidis productions blog the first trailer of "The ninja with the underwear 2 titled as:"The ninja with the underwear, took their underwear".that was released in 1963 in China. China is a country far away and it takes a long time to receive mail. Directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring John Andriomenos (Yannaki Andreiomeno) and Stelio Karamanolee (Daily Lazy productions).

THE PARTY (2004)

"The party" is a short puppet movie witch aspires to represent the eternal battle between  good and evil. A metaphor of mankind's history, present and future, using as reference points two of the most famous diametrically opposed characters worldwide. Directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Puppets by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Music by Theodoras Vogiatzidis and John Andreiomenos. Assistant director Hara Kolaiti.


Forged in the heat of battle, Thodorabo is waiting tables at a coffe shop. He is proud of his  shitty country next to Turkey and he will gladly  eliminate all the chinese intruders who are planning to colonize the shopping world. No real plot, just a cheap Greek Rambo rip-off. Thodorabo video game also availiable...


Gymnastics professional instructor Teddy Booyieah and Trob Master will guide you through the workout of your life...

Trob master is the ultimate work out equipment. Pumping with both arms while squeezing your testicles can guarantee you shredded and huge biceps, triceps, quadriceps and less sperm witch protects you from the posibility of more children. Think how many callories you burn while masturbating and double the figure because Trob master is like masturbating with both arms(!).

This way it also gives women the chance to try something their husbands almost do for a living and become more man-loving. Trob master has literally saved thousands of lives being used, not only for body fitness, but in everyday life, at work, in politics etc. That's why we all have the privilege of enjoying a successful, developed and healthy society...Buy Trob Master NOW, double masturbate and make your world a better shithole...


Who is Dionyzena? Is she a man? Or is he a woman? Is she a transvestite or just a broad with a moustache? We'll never know. One think we do know is that she is starring in this fake trailer with Tho, the epic superhunk. Directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring Theodoras Vogiatzidis and Dionisis Kavalieratos.


At last the image we've all been waiting to see...Jesus Christ wielding a macine gun, killing the enemy with the help of his mama. This fake trailer is a realization of the Greek phrase "I saw Christ soldier and the virgin Mary patrol" wich intends to describe the exaggeration of the element of suprise...


Nickos and his girlfriend Milly don't get along very well recently. Milly wants a new car while Nickos'  effort to communicate with her deeper ,by taking her eye out with a spoon, doesn't seem to help. Social drama inspired by TV reality shows with a touch of horror. "Dawn of the dead" meets the soap opera aesthetics in a mixture of a "death metal family show"... Written and directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis.


Thodorocky is the worst fighter ever. He lives with his mother and has a shitty job witch he hates. Looks like he has no future...but in a corrupted society, the power of will shall lead him through a different path to glory. An anti-hero in an anti-comedy directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring Theodoras Vogiatzidis, John Andreiomenos, Makis Stais, Michael Voulgaris, Georgia KakavaStelios Karamanolis anothers... Music by John Andriomenos and the "Blues Tar Fairries", and Marios Tsagaris. Award winning bullshit of the year. One of the worst movies ever... If avoiding viewing stands impossible, watch just trailer and pull through with minor brain injuries...

do a stupid full movie...


official participation

THO (2004)

When his father dies, Tho, the epic super hunk, begins his journey to, who knows where and who knows why... In these four episodes we follow Tho as he defeats his enemies one by one in the deep forest trying to fulfill his destiny (witch we know nothing about). Written and directed by Theodoras Vogiatzidis and Hara Kolaiti. Starring themelves and also Dimitri Moraitis, Kostas Trahanatzis, Anna Haimandou, Makis Stais and others...


A horror, b-movie fake trailer about the second coming of Christ. Violent, unorthodox and for some considered blasphemic, Jesus 2 is not suitable for religious viewers, though it is based on a true story.

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