Georges Pilali respectfully and artistically re-makes and re-invents Jimi Hendrix's "Red House Blues". Collaborating with painter Iliana Noea, mezzo soprano Androniki Skoula of "Chaostar" and director-animator Theodoras Vogiatzidis, he delivers a sinister animated world of operatic darkness, homage to the musical genious of Jimi Hendrix.

Best Video Art-Odysseus Awards 2014-7th Annual London Greek Film Festival.

Jimi Hendrix Red House blues dramatisation by Georges Pilali
Androniki Skoula-Mezzo Soprano
Paritsis Charalampos-Violins
George Bandoek Apostolakis-Guitar, Synthesizers, Treatments
Soli Barki-Percussions
Yiannis Arvanitakis-Trombone
Iliana Noea-Drawings
Theodore Vogiatzidis-Animation, Editing, Video production
Recorded at Studio Mythos, Sierra Studios and "Roomey tunes"
Sound Engineers:Sakis Gikas, Akis Pashalidis and Yiannis Fotis.
Mixed at "Roomey Tunes" by Yiannis Fotis.

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